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Fire Damper Remedials

A fire damper remedial refers to the process of inspecting, repairing, and ensuring the proper functioning of fire dampers within a building's HVAC system. After your inspections have completed you may notice that some of your fire dampers have come back with fire damper remedial works attached. Due to our remedial works stemming from our Fire Damper Inspection Reports (Drop Test Report) we have accurate information on what the problem is and how we can fix it. Based on our previous reports we can advise and give quotes based on the information we have gathered.

The fire damper remedial works you could see are;

Fire Damper Replacements - Why would a fire damper need replacing

Fire Damper Remedials - Fire Damper - Test Fail - Coiled Springs

  • Damaged Curtain

  • Rust / Corrosion

  • Guide Springs Snapped or Spun in

  • Fire Damper being too small to physically test

Fire Damper Access Issues

  • Fire Damper is located above solid ceiling - Building Hatch

  • Access Door fitting

  • Tek Screw Removal

  • Services blocking access to test the fire damper

Other Fire Damper Remedial works

Passive Fire Protection - Fire Compartment - Fire Damper Remedials

  • Fire Compartment Breach

  • Independently Supporting a Fire Damper

  • Broken Fusible Link


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