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What does a fire damper drop test involve?

A Fire Damper Drop Test is a critical procedure used to ensure the proper functioning and reliability of fire dampers in a building's HVAC system. Fire dampers are important safety devices designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through ventilation ducts and openings in the event of a fire.

During a fire damper drop test, the following steps are involved:


  • Make sure the damper is independently supported

Fire Damper Drop Test
  • Make sure the fire compartment within the parameter of the damper has not been breached

  • Checking for correct orientation

  • Galleys are clean and free of debris

  • Transit tape has been removed

  • Springs are in good condition

  • Check for any signs of corrosion

  • Make sure the fusible link is in good condition

  • Check to make sure the damper has not been fitted with Tek-Screws


Fire Damper Drop Test
  • Manually release the fusible link and allow the damper to drop in to its closed position

  • Ensure the damper curtain has closed fully, visually checking the bottom of the curtain has locked in to place

  • Check the fusible link from the outside looking for any damages

  • Clean the damper to keep it free from debris

  • Open the damper and re-set the fusible link

  • Report the results of the fire damper drop test with photographic evidence


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