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What are Fire Dampers?

Fire Dampers

A fire damper is a safety device used in buildings and ventilation systems to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through ductwork or air distribution openings. It is typically installed in the ducts and openings that allow air to circulate throughout a building, such as HVAC systems, ventilation shafts, and other air distribution channels.

The primary function of a fire damper is to close automatically when it detects a significant increase in temperature or the presence of smoke. When activated, the damper's blades or louvers shut, forming a barrier that prevents the movement of flames and smoke between different areas of the building. By doing so, fire dampers help contain the fire to its source location and limit its potential to spread to other parts of the building, reducing property damage and providing occupants with more time to evacuate safely.

Fire dampers are critical components of building fire protection systems and are often required to meet local building codes and regulations. They are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings to enhance fire safety measures and protect lives and property during a fire emergency. Regular inspection and maintenance of fire dampers are crucial to ensure their proper functioning when needed.

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