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  • Design, supply & installation of full HVAC services

  • VRV/VRF installation

  • Full heat recovery ventilation

  • Fire-rated DV installation

  • Boiler Room ventilation


As per the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 employers must provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace. We need ventilation to create a safe and comfortable working and living environment.


Nitor Ventilation possess vast amounts of experience installing a multitude of HVAC systems to various designs and specifications, ensuring they are working as designed and are compliant.


From initial survey and installation to maintenance Nitor can manage the whole process ensuring your compliance with the necessary regulations.


Nitor Ventilation have all the necessary skills and experience in house to create an effective ventilation system to the desired specification.

Energy efficient solutions for both new and existing buildings are one of the main contributing factors for saving money on the running of a building. 

Nitor Ventilation can design, supply and install complete HVAC systems using the latest in energy efficient technologies including but not limited to: 


  • Heat recovery systems 

  • Air source heat pumps 

  • Installation of EC motors on existing plant such as AHU’s. 

  • Kitchen, Swimming Pool, Toilet extract, LEV extract, Dentistry, Boiler room and Office ventilation 

  • VRV/VRF installation 

  • Fire-rated DV installation 


As well as the items mentioned above Nitor Ventilation offer both planned preventative and reactive maintenance. Planned preventative maintenance allows us to identify minor issues before they escalate into something bigger. This reduces the need for reactive maintenance which can generally be more time consuming and more expensive.


Nitor also understands the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) for individual wellbeing, especially during the current circumstances of the pandemic. Using the latest technology Nitor ventilation is one of the industry leaders when it comes to providing IAQ solutions. 

Nitor Ventilation prides itself on giving a superior service to all our clients, maintaining our high-level reputation and the reputation of those we subcontract for. This gives clients the confidence to use our services time and time again. 


HVAC Services


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